Tactical Optic Choices

 Getting on target : Tactical Grade Optics

For any of our kits we offer you role based optics for the rifle you’re buying. This means you’ll have exactly the right scope, holo-sight, red dot, or Prismatic optic for what you use the gun for. From close quarters and home defense to longer range shooting and 3-gun we’ve got an option for you. 

Close Quarters Optics

reflex-sightReflex Holographic Sight – Easily usable in any light, with a very open field of view this style of optic gives you a fast reaction time and 3-5 MOA dot that will keep you on target, and get you there faster. 




red-green-dotRed or Green Dot – Used by armed forces and police units worldwide a solid red dot gives you a simple and effect close quarter aiming point. Rugged reliability is the name of the game with these optics and they’re made to survive any situation. 



acog-styleAcog Style Green Dot – Using Fiber Optics to collect light gives you a battery-free solution for aiming. the 30mm objective gives you a wide field of view without sacrificing acquisition speed. 



Medium to Long Range Optics

vism-prisim-optic4x Prismatic Scope – Fixed 4 power optic gives you the confidence to take longer shots, without sacrificing close quarter usability. It also features built in fiber optic iron sights. This badass optic also includes a built in laser, and red/white night navigation lights, for use in spots where a traditional tactical light would harm your ability to see after use. 

tac-vector-15-4x-scope1.5-4x Mustang Scope – This adjustable scope gives you an all in one solution for hunting, 3 gun or steel challenges.  Quick adjustment rings let you set the magnification on the fly and be on target in no time. 



3-9-scope3-9X Scope – 3x magnification for up close, 9X for those long shots. This is your standard mid to long range hunting scope that is built to tactical standards to offer an easy platform for making the long shots. 


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