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Stable Shots 

When shooting an AR15 or any other tactical rifle getting a solid platform to shoot from is key. Having the right forend attachment to our standard tactical rails can. With a good bipod your shooting can go from good to great. In a tactical situation having a better grip could save your life. We offer 4 Main choices for our tactical kits to serve any role you could need.

Tactical Bipod AR15AR grip bipodLong shots – Tactical Bipod :

A quick retracting bipod gives you a stable base to shoot long range with confidence. It gives you a comfortable prone shooting solution. 

Hybrid – Grip Pod :

The speed and tactical maneuverability of a vertical grip, with retractable legs. This style of grip is a favorite among US troops deployed around the world. 





Magpul AR15 gripsClose Range – Shorty Grip or Angled Fore grip: 

When You need speed and free motion a stubby or angled grip on your quadrail can give you a solid shooting stance. These both provide great off hand support and let you carry your gun in a natural manner. 



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