UTAS Bullpup Shotgun Tactical Kit

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This Unique Bullpup Pump action shotgun is perfect for using for self defense in a home, or even for shooting clays! With it’s 2 7 shot magazine tubes you get even more firepower in this compact 12ga platform. 

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Your Choice of a Vertical or Angled Forgrip with Bipod Combo or A Grip-Pod style combination vertical grip bipod

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 The Bullpup Shotgun : UTAS-15

  • Bullpup design: pistol grip and trigger are located forward of the barrel breech and action assembly. This allows for the same barrel length as a traditional shotgun but shortens the overall length of the weapon.
  • Top mounted picatinny rail: allows for the mounting of a wide variety of iron and optical sights.
  • Twin magazine tubes: set above the barrel to allow for easy access to the loading ports.
  • Alternating or select tube feed: a selector switch located on the top of the tube/barrel assembly allows for use of multiple ammo types (i.e.: buckshot and birdshot; buckshot and rubber pellets; etc.).
  • Built-in laser/light controls: the right side of the grip is reserved for controls (a button) for controlling the optional light and laser assembly.
  • Threaded barrel: Beretta-style barrel threading for choke tubes allows the UTS-15 to be adapted for any situation and a range of attachments.

Accessories and optional equipment for the UTS-15 (as listed by UTAS USA):

  • Front and rear sight assembly: machined from a solid billet of 7000 series ordinance aluminium with matte black anodized finish these sights are elevation and windage adjustable.
  • Tactical Choke Tube: machined from 4140 ordinance grade steel and matte black oxide finished. This choke features muzzle spikes and gas ports for breeching. Also considered a choked cylinder it can be used for firing slugs as well as buck shot.
  • 7.5″ Barrel Extension: machined from 4140 ordnance grade steel with a matte black oxide finish. This attachment is threaded to screw into the UTS-15 barrel (like the Tactical Choke Tube).

 The Gear : Our Tactical Shotgun Kit

  • Plano, weather-proof, hard, locking gun case 42″, VERY NICE!!
  • Magpul MOE +Grip (Rubberized)
  • Your Choice of Optics
  • Front & Rear flip up sights
  • 5nm dedicated, Green Laser, with fore grip switch
  • 150 lumen tactical light
  • Double-point, nylon sling
  • 25 shell hard case included
  • Fore grip-mounted pressure switch for laser control
  • All Fully-assembled, ready for ammo!

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